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Tennis World Tour 2018 is being developed by Breakpoint Studio, which houses a number of developers who previously worked on the acclaimed Top Spin series.

In sports video games, players usually bypass events because the season is very long (MLB The Show, at 162 games) or the opponent is uninteresting (the Sacramento Kings in December, NBA 2K18). In Tennis World Tour 2018 the fatigue of travel, along with the endurance of a long schedule, will require the player to plan their tour events and strategically skip those that don’t suit them. Just like real life.

It’s an unusual design choice but one that reflects reality. There are 73 events in 2018 that count toward a player’s tour ranking in the Association of Tennis World Tour 2018; there are 61 on the Women’s Tennis World Tour 2018 ’s tour schedule. There is no way any pro could participate in the entire series. More realistically, players plan and use smaller events to prepare for bigger ones — for example, the Italian Open to head into the French Open (both on clay surface) — and also choose or avoid surfaces according to their created pro’s attributes. Breakpoint consulted with Boris Vallejo, a French Tennis World Tour 2018 Federation coach, and three others to construct a realistic cadence and set of choices for the virtual professional in Tennis World Tour 2018.Tennis World Tour 2018 PS4, PSP Android APK ISO Download Free

This means Tennis World Tour 2018 will see a timing mechanism different from what Top Spin players encountered. Ordinarily, video game Tennis World Tour 2018 can be very PONG-like, in that simply moving to the ball and returning it can be an effective play. The return was based on timing, which was inscrutable to some, but for those who could master it, it resulted in an overpowering shot for most returns. And super-shot options were also unbeatable if the player likewise figured out their timing.

Tennis World Tour 2018, said Jacquemain, will soften the difficulty curve for timing the shot — but it will place a greater priority on where the player is when they get to it, how strong their return should be, the player’s natural handedness, and other factors. On-screen indicators will designate the strength of a return so that a user knows whether they’ve played it too soft or too long.Tennis World Tour 2018 PS4, PSP Android APK ISO Download Free

There will be more than 30 real-life professionals, women, and men, licensed to appear in Tennis World Tour 2018 and in addition to their playing styles and strengths, many will display their recognizable on-court mannerisms. Teixeira and Rufin supplied capable impersonations, given how much players observe one another’s mannerisms and tendencies when they’re playing such a long schedule together.Tennis World Tour 2018 PS4, PSP Android APK ISO Download Free

And, as the son of a Tennis World Tour 2018 umpire, I was delighted to hear that they made sure the chair umpire and line officials behaved as authentically as the players. For example, the official calling the center service line will stand up and put their hands behind their back after a successful serve, because there’s no call for them to make for the rest of the point. “We worked hard to get the line judge choreography right,” said Jacquemain. Now, whether this means an entirely new lines crew rotates in after every hour, we’ll have to see.

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