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Sunwai || Benny Dayal || Hindi Songs Lyrics

Sunwai || Benny Dayal || Hindi Songs Lyrics

Sunwai Lyrics: A romantic song with a twist in climax of the music video directed by Rahul Sud featuring Gautam Rode, Natasa Stankovic and Sagar Das. The song is sung by Benny Dayal, composed by Naresh-Anand while Sunwai lyrics are penned down by Anand B Seshadri. The song was published by times music. The song release at 2018 15th jan. This is an hindi romantic with lots of feeling.

Singer: Benny Dayal
Music: Naresh-Anand
Lyrics: Anand B Seshadri
Video Directed by: Rahul Sud
Release Date: 15 Jan 2018
Music Label: Times Music

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Sunwai || Benny Dayal || Hindi Songs Lyrics

Bichda hoon khud se main zaroor
Raahon mein kho kar kahin door

Dekhun phir se aaine mein
Baatein chhedun ajnabi se
Puchun khud se hai chala kahaan

Dil ki sunwaai hai
Kathere mein meri parchayi hai
Pal hi harjai hai
Mehangi sazai ki duhahi hai

Aankhon mein chaayi hai tanhaai
Andheron ki gehraai hai
Sunwai hai
Ho, sunwaai hai…

Badle nazaare
Badli si raahein
Badli hai chaand ki roshni
Gham ke hain saaye ab dil mein
Kahin the safar mein manzilein chhayein
Jaane kab aashiqui saadgi kho diye saare

Dhoondhe dil manzilein phir wohi
Ban ke ikk ajnabi…

Khud se hi ladaayi hai
Kathere mein meri parchhayi hai
Dil ki sunwaai hai
Mehngi saza hai ki duhaai hai

Aankhon mein chhayi hai tanhayi
Andheron ki gehrayi hai
Sunwai hai
Ho sunwai hai
Ho sunwai hai
Ho sunwaai hai

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