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Rialto Board Game 2018 takes place over six rounds (one per district) with each round having three phases. The board shows the six districts over which players will compete. The order of the districts is randomized at the beginning of the game. And, at the start, each player gets a single level one building. Buildings come in three flavors. Green tends to get you more cards each round, yellow allows you to play them more efficiently, and blue tends to translate into points.

After that, players play gold (for coins), bricks (to construct buildings), bridges (to get points and build bridges), gondolas (to get councilmen from the general supply), and Venetians (to place councilmen in the current district). Finally, at the end of the phase, all blue buildings may be activated for bonus points.

Some of the bonuses, like bridges and gondolas, really have a dramatic impact on the game. Since everyone wants to control those bridges, the Doge track can become hugely important. Being higher on the Doge means that you can win those bonuses with fewer cards. That efficiency can be parlayed into a broader strategy.Rialto Board Game 2018 PS4, PSP Android APK ISO Download Free

The first pro that I have for Rial to Board Game 2018 is that you must spend a coin to activate any of your buildings. This rule, honestly, was something that seemed very trivial (even nuisance-y) as I was reading through the rules. However, as I’ve played the game, I have grown in my appreciation for this. And, to give you a better understanding, this is the only use for gold coins. If you don’t have buildings, then you don’t ever have to worry about collecting gold! And yet, buildings can be incredibly useful. They can allow you to draw and keep more cards in the first phase. They can also allow you to change what kind of cards you have in the second phase. And they can give you direct victory points in the third phase! So, I like the fact that you must spend a gold whenever you want to use a building because it helps the game retain a bit more balance. (And keeps it from being all about who can build the better buildings first.)Rialto Board Game 2018 PS4, PSP Android APK ISO Download Free

Rialto Board Game 2018 isn’t a game for everyone, but certainly is a game for me – and despite it being the least publicized/loved of Fed’s 2013 releases it has still found its way into the BGG Top 500. It averages over 7 in the rankings and I personally rate it 7.5 out of 10. For me, the game offers a pretty unique blend of interesting mechanisms that should appeal to strategists – but probably not more tactical players. It is also surprisingly light and I wouldn’t be scared of putting it on the front of relatively new gamer, although I’d want to be pretty confident it would be their sort of game (so new, not casual gamer).

Designed by: Stefan Feld
Players: 2-5
Published by: Pegasus Spiele, Ludonova, REBEL.pl, Tasty Minstrel Games
Year Published: 2013
Recommended Ages: 10+
Time to Play: 45 minutes


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