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Rara Lake | Top Best Treakking And Travelling Place In Nepal

Rara Lake Jumla Trekking takes you to up into the high altitude lake area of Rara, which combines the beauty of spruce and pine forest with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and mountains. This is Nepal’s largest lake, which houses otters and many fish species. This is one of the best treks to view Nepal’s wildlife including the Himalayan bear. This area is one of the least inhabited trekking routes, which will give you a feel for the natural environment of Nepal. Length of trip Jumla – Simikot 12 days Average hiking per day 4-5 hrs highest elevation gained 3700 m.

Pristine Rara Lake, known as the Queen of Lakes, is the largest lake in Nepal. Surrounded by juniper and spruce forests of Rara Lake National Park in the western part of the country, it is a high altitude lake at 9,834 feet (2,980 m). The trekking route is not heavily traveled, but it passes through a region that affords cultural interactions and scenery quite different from the rest of Nepal. You may meet followers of Hinduism as well as immigrant Tibetan families.Rara_lake_1

Trekking in this area involves a great deal of up-and-down walking through forests and isolated villages. You remain mostly at lower elevations, reaching a high elevation of 12,243 feet (3,710 m) at Danfe pass.You can spend two days at Baridiya National Park, where you can take an elephant-back safari through the lush jungle. Your accommodations are well-equipped tents.

Breathtakingly beautiful Rara Lake nestles at the elevation of almost 3000m and covers the area of almost 11 sq. km. The elevated location allows Rara Lake to reflect the striking views of snowcapped peaks in its crystal clear water. Surrounded by the lush vegetation in all directions, Rara Lake is not only ringed by the wonderful woods of pine, spruce, and juniper, it also has hundreds of species of wildflowers and herbal plants prospering at its shores.Rara_3

For the day exploration around this pristine Lake, we trek to Chuchemara Danda, a hill at 4090m. The hilltop caters the great views of stunning Rara Lake, the lush forest surrounding it and the snowcapped mountain peaks soaring up to the skyline. After the quick and short excursion and exploration to and around Rara Lake, we trek back to Talcha and fly back to Kathmandu via Nepaljung.

Quick and short trek to Rara Lake with Access Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to explore the biggest and the deepest lake in Nepal and the region the flanks. Rara Lake, a scenic lake isolated and unspoiled, lies inside Rara National Park. The park is located 371km northwest-west of Kathmandu in the mountainous district of Mugu.Rara_2

The short trek to Rara Lake with us begins at Talcha after a couple of short flights from Kathmandu to Nepaljung and then to the mountainous airport of Talcha. From Talcha Airport Rara Lake is hardly a half day trek. We spend a couple of days in the camps besides Rara Lake.


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