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Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal The Exquisite Adventures - Grab On Me

Rafting in Nepal is one of all the foremost exquisite journeys for associate degree adventure enthusiast. The Asian nation is that the land of a mountain chain with eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. The rivers imbibe from the exciting heights through the foothills, fed by monsoon rains and melting glaciers, on their thanks to the nice Plains of the Ganges River. The rivers of Nepal pour with fast current giving thrilling rapids for rafting in Nepal. The Asian nation features a numerous vary of rivers, that makes the country a foam enthusiast’s paradise with a good type of Whitewater Rafting in Nepal adventures to taunt any style of person. With such a large amount of cascading rivers from the mountain chain, foam Rafting in Nepal may be a widespread water journey sport in the Asian nation.

The rivers in the Asian nation can provide the world’s most thrilling whitewater journey with a good vary of difficulties, heat water and serene beaches for the encampment. Exploring the Asian nation via its watercourse may be distinctive thanks to exploring the country’s culture, numerous landscape, pristine geographical region and numerous life.

Nepal has several rivers, that square measure ideal for foam rafting journey. the chances of the rafting journey in Asian nation square measure endless because it will be enjoyed with convenient ½ day excursions to full 12-day watercourse expedition. Roaring rivers square measure line you for associate degree journey of a period of time with foam rafting in the Asian nation. fancy the subsequent Rafting in Nepal adventures with the chain of mountains Eco Treks and Tour- Asian nation.Rafting in Nepal The Exquisite Adventures - Grab On Me 1

Trishuli watercourse Rafting trisuli watercourse rafting

The Trishuli is hottest for the foam Rafting in Nepal. The spectacular gorges, exciting rapids, ever-changing currents and simple friendliness from the 2 main cities, Kathmandu and Pokhara make the Trisuli watercourse the foremost widespread rafting watercourse in Nepal. This rafting journey is suited to all the adventures with or with none previous rafting expertise. the 2 days rafting journey can embody an evening reside a snug expedition tented accommodation on the riverside. This route is additionally counseled for intermediate Kayaks. The Trishuli raft trip will be combined with a trek resolute Pokhara associate degreed/or a visit to Chitwan parkland for an exciting Jungle expedition.

Kali Gandaki watercourse Rafting Kali Gandaki watercourse Rafting IV

The Kali Gandaki originates from the Tibetan highland within the kingdom of pony and travels through the deepest gorge within the world fashioned between the Mount Annapurna geological formation and Mount mountain peak. The Kali Gandaki rafting journey may be a thrilling journey passing through slim gorges aboard tumbling waterfalls, jungle and ancient Magar and Chetri villages. Rafting in Nepal within the Kali Gandaki watercourse is legendary for its stunning scenery, that provides excellent opportunities to look at the Annapurna chain and a spread of life and temples on the riverbanks. the journey is appropriate for each the toughened and therefore the novice rafter. The rafting journey exposes the travelers with numerous rapids, landscape, and parcel of land.


The Seti watercourse Rafting Seti watercourse Rafting
The Seti watercourse Rafting Seti watercourse Rafting

The Seti watercourse Rafting Seti watercourse Rafting


The Seti watercourse – The White River may be a special and pleasant river passing through 2 stunning and different scenic areas. The Seti watercourse originates from the southeast slopes of the Mount Machhapuchhre and flows towards the southern plains. The Rafting in Nepal in Seti watercourse is fun because it flows on the native villages, terraced farmlands, waterfalls, forests and an exquisite white sandy beach. The watercourse is comparatively little and has heat water, that conjointly makes it an ideal journey for novice kayakers.

The Bhote Koshi watercourse Rafting Bhote Koshi watercourse Rafting

The Bhotekoshi watercourse is best represented as “a liquid rush”. Rafting within the Bhotekoshi needs a continuing paddling to cope up with the constant raids of the watercourse. The Bhotekosi watercourse has one in all the steepest gradients among all the raft-able rivers in the Asian nation. the final word rafting journey starts because of the clean, water roars and dodges its method through slim canyons and therefore the remnants large giant boulders. The Bhote Koshi is one of all the foremost technical rivers in the Asian nation, providing continuous difficult rapids from the beginning to the top.

The Sun Koshi Rafting Sun Koshi watercourse rafting
The Sun Koshi Rafting: Sun Koshi watercourse rafting

The Sun Koshi Rafting: Sun Koshi watercourse rafting

The Sunkoshi watercourse rafting is rated jointly of the highest 10 rafting journey within the world. The Sunkoshi watercourse originates in the Asian nation and flows eastward through the nice vale between the Mahabharat Hills and therefore the Himalaya. The 270-kilometer long rafting journey takes the U.S. through a number of Nepal’s most remote space giving a novel geographical region expertise. the primary 2 days of the rafting square measure comparatively straightforward and permit time to strengthen the cooperation to tackle the larger rapids within the returning days. The rapids have noninheritable names like Meat Grinder, High Anxiety, Jaws and massive dipper, from previous experiences on expeditions. The calmer stretches between rapids offer adventurers time to require within the extraordinary views, swim (voluntarily) in heat water and camp on the pristine white sandy beach.

The Bheri Rafting journey Bheri watercourse rafting

The Bheri watercourse originates from the Dolpo District and has 2 giant tributaries The Thuli and Sani. The Bheri watercourse rafting includes rafting in a very remote region with straightforward water current on stunning villages and beautiful sceneries. The Bheri watercourse features a clear blue water and white banks, that create a fine encampment. The rafting and fishing journey within the Bheri watercourse will be combined with Jungle expedition within the Chitwan parkland for the final word expertise.

The Wild Karnali Rafting Wild Karnali watercourse Rafting II

The Karnali watercourse, the longest watercourse of Asian nation, originates from Mount Kailash within the western a part of the Asian nation. The Karnali rafting is one of all the best massive volume rafting and Kayaking journey within the world. The classic expedition is that the best combination of trekking, rafting, kayaking, fishing and life expedition. we tend to begin our rafting from Sauli from wherever the watercourse drops into a ravine with exciting tide and currents. These canyons flow into scarcely inhabited areas of pristine jungle abundant with luxuriant life. Towards the top of the trip, the watercourse gradient begins to ease because the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows out into the Gangetic plains of Terai. Jungle thickens, the watercourse and therefore the pristine beaches become larger and a lot of stunning as we tend to move to Terai region.

The Marshyangdi watercourse Marsyandi watercourse Rafting II

The Marshyangdi watercourse Marsyandi watercourse Rafting II

The Marshyangdi is that the one in all the foremost outstanding grade IV Kayaking Rivers within the world. With continuous, exhilarating whitewater and therefore the impressive mountain backgrounds of the Annapurna Himal. The watercourse flows through associate degree arid vale of Manang and moves south to affix the Trisuli watercourse in Mugling. Rafting in Marshyandi watercourse is completely different from rafting in different massive volume rivers like Sun Koshi and Karnali. The rapids square measure technical and need an awfully completely different approach. The rafting journey needs a full determination with competent crew members for the safe and pleasurable journey.


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