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Mustang Trek Cost How much to spend in Upper Mustang Nepal

Mustang Trek:- If you have heard of this place, you must have known about the very expensive permit, and yes, this is indeed true. And so for many, this is thought to be reserved only for the wealthy adventurers. For many travelers who have had the (very) fortunate chance to see this place, the $500 permit was so much worth it, and every cent of it. As it is not widely known and sought by many trekkers, in this article, we hope to answer some basic questions you may have about Upper Mustang Trek, in particular, how much you will need to save for this trek! As with many otheMustang Trek Cost How much to spend in Upper Mustang Nepal 1r treks, the main items you will need are the trekking permit, transportation, guide (and probably porter) and of course, the basic necessities such as food and accommodation. These are the essentials and we have gathered the cost figures for you below.

The cost for this is probably what would scare most trekkers as it is currently priced at USD 500 per person. This is necessary as Mustang Trek is considered a special region in Nepal and therefore, not easily accessible to everyone. This is required by the government to preserve the area and limit the number of tourists entering this (almost hidden) region in Nepal. Note that this USD 500 per person is only valid for 10 days and this is the minimum. We have seen that in most cases, this is more than enough for a two-week trek in the region as you would only be in the restricted area for 10 days. If you roughly plan 14 days Upper Mustang trek Itinerary that will give you enough time to complete the trek. As with other special permits, it is also required that at least two trekkers (guide and porter do not count here) are in a group to apply for a Mustang Trek permit.

We are also often asked by our client if it is possible to only trek with a porter in Upper Mustang. The answer is Yes, this is possible!!! However, you are probably aware that the cost of hiring a porter is not that much different to hiring a guide due to the cost of food and insurance. For a porter, I would say roughly USD 20 to 25 a day inclusive of food, accommodation, and insurance would be the cost for Mustang trek. The cost difference is not really material and it is highly recommended that you go with a professional guide instead for safety concerns and experience in the area. A professional guide has also received a license from the government and underwent rigorous training especially in handling emergency situations and ensuring client safety. Of course, this is also dependent on your choice and whether or not you could trek at high altitude for longer hours with or without your trekking bags. Just a note that you will not be allowed at entry points if you are not accompanied by either of these two.


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