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Horizon Zero Dawn 2018 is a PS4-exclusive action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games, creators of the Killzone franchise. As Horizon Zero Dawn 2018 main protagonist Aloy, a skilled hunter, explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures.

A dynamic weather and time-of-day system brings an extra layer of visual variety to your journey through this massive world, with dust storms, rain, and snow changing the mood: in the snow, scrap metal glistens from the frost; at night, fireflies dance in the darkness; and, on a sunny day, leaves and pollen lazily float through the air. Rather than letting the world be completely at the mercy of these dynamic systems, developer Guerilla forces certain weather conditions on specific moments, ensuring the lighting always suits the scene. It’s an interesting design decision, and it’s one that certainly heightens key scenes. Horizon Zero Dawn 2018 might be the best-looking open-world game ever made.

The events up to The Proving essentially work as a tutorial, closing you off in a small portion of the open-world and getting you accustomed to crafting, chatting, trading, leveling up, completing sidequests and, of course, taking out heavily-armored machines with a bow & arrow. You can brute force your way through most encounters with trusty old spikes on sticks, but there is an assortment of weapons you can use to tear armor off robotic dinos. While the weaponry seems primitive, it’s fused with technology stolen from the robots, so you can set up electrified trip wires, place deadly mines, launch bombs from a sling, pin robots to the ground with a tether, and plenty more, in addition to getting your mitts on disposable heavy guns that can be taken from enemies.

It’s a damn hard game at times, too. If you take on more than you can handle, death can come in a matter of seconds. You can backpedal and fire arrows all you like, but most of the machine enemies will catch up with you and smash you, or hit you with a projectile as you back off. You need to keep moving constantly, adjusting your aim, jumping, sliding and diving as you fire. You’re encouraged to plan encounters. Using Aloy’s Focus – essentially a Bluetooth dongle for her ear that gives her an augmented reality view of the world, heightening her senses – you can see enemy weak points, and you can also tag their patrol route, marking it on the ground. This knowledge gives you all the tools you need for the perfect ambush.

Combat has a gratifying heft to it, but not cumbersome in the same way Killzone’s bulky, methodical shooting was often criticised for – Aloy is as agile as a cat ballerina, after all. The heft here is from the physicality of it, the way the machines react and flinch at each shot, and how pieces of metal splinter off on impact, coupled with punchy sound design. Some of the larger enemies have hundreds of destructible body parts that you can damage to chip away at their health bars. You can even aim for their heavy weapons and scoop them up for yourself, spitting a volley of their own bullets at them and watching them crumble in the assault. The animations are super slick.

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