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Ghost of Tsushima 2018 Gameplay, Release Date, Reviews and Download For PS4

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Ghost of Tsushima 2018 than ever during its E3 2018 conference with a brand new lengthy gameplay debut. The trailer shows a huge open world that almost looks like a painting with a soaring atmospheric soundtrack. We see our samurai challenge Mongol invaders in a combat style that reminded us of Assassin’s Creed. But as well as upfront and outright combat, there will be an emphasis on stealth with players using the element of surprise to avoid being outnumbered.

Ghost of Tsushima 2018 will be set in 13th century Japan – the time of the Mongol invasions. In the year 1274, the Mongols made their first stop on the island of Tsushima. You’ll play Jin, one of the last of the samurai on the devastated island, determined to quash the invasion and push the Mongols out despite the odds being stacked against him.

Though it’s very different from Sucker Punch’s previous games in many ways, Ghost of Tsushima 2018 will bear one similarity to inFamous with its third-person perspective; this time players will take up the role of a samurai called Jin.

While this isn’t a confirmation of anything, it does suggest that Ghost of Tsushima 2018 could very well go down the route of games such as Nier: Automata with dialogue entirely in Japanese alongside English subtitles. It would certainly compliment the efforts the development team has clearly gone to in going on research trips and asking for expert advice to achieve cultural authenticity.

If you were in any doubt that Sucker Punch is gifted at created immersive worlds that are full of color, you should check out some of the concept art it released for Ghost of Tsushima 2018. From the waterlilies to the temples, there’s plenty of beauty in Feudal Japan. See for yourself

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