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Devil May Cry 5 2018 Release Date, System Requirements, Reviews And Trailer

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Devil May Cry 5 2018 which was unveiled at E3 this week, will be released before April 2019, Capcom has announced. Devil May Cry 5 2018 appears to be a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, and will see the return of franchise protagonists Nero and Dante. It appears that Nero, star of Devil May Cry 4, will be back as a primary playable character. In Devil May Cry 5 2018 Nero will be joined by his partner Nico.

Dante, Nero, and Vergil are all confirmed to be returning for Devil May Cry 5 2018 and the ResetEra leak also claims that all three characters will be playable in some form. Whether this means switching back and forth between characters or having sections of the game dedicated to specific characters, we’re still unsure of. We’ll likely be getting more gameplay details very soon.

After years of rumors and speculation, Devil May Cry 5 2018 is finally a reality. Announced with a fantastic trailer at Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference, Dante, Nero and friends are returning to fight demons and look rad as hell doing so. It feels so good to have Capcom’s golden child back and ready to kick some ass.

We’ve done a bunch of analysis into the Devil May Cry 5 2018 trailer, and while this is all glorified fan theory, it seems that the story centers around Nero’s Devil Bringer, his demonically-infused right arm. At the start of the Devil May Cry 5 2018 trailer, Nero doesn’t have the Devil Bringer but instead has a robotic arm, which is shown off to great effect as he slays a bunch of demons.

So, at least in some part, the story of Devil May Cry 5 2018 must focus on who this shady character is, and what they want with the Devil Bringer. Getting it back will surely be a big part of the game, and whether or not this will be able to be re-attached to Nero will be the big question.

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