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Crackdown 3 2018 cities have always begged to be seen from the air. While your character could eventually leap great distances, they couldn’t take to the skies indefinitely. We’d love to see a jet join your agency issue car, finally giving you the tools to explore the city how it was meant to be seen.

Bear with us, this isn’t as strange as it seems. So, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shook up the open world genre in a lot of ways, but one of its best was the game’s structure. Rather than have you gradually unlock chunks of the world, you were given everything immediately, including the ability to march straight to the center of Hyrule and right the game’s final boss, Calamity Gannon.

Updated: It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Crackdown 3 2018 but the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has spoken. On Twitter, Spencer confirmed that there’s a date locked in for the game and that there’s a plan in place for more details coming soon.

Besides showing off the game’s technology, Microsoft and the game’s developers have kept their lips sealed about the larger story and gameplay of Crackdown 3 2018. There are some things we’re certain about, though.

Agility orbs, a Crackdown 3 2018 trademark, are making a return. This glowing balls, hidden all around the game’s city are, depending on who you speak to, the best or the worst thing about Crackdown 3 2018. Every orb you collect increases your character’s abilities but there are hundreds of them, many of them hidden away in hard to reach places. If you ask us, Crackdown 3 2018 has a lot to answer for with the current state of collect-athons in games.

At the time, that design ethos created a lot of problems so the team didn’t fully embrace Jones unstructured approach. Crackdown 3 2018 promises to allow you to approach its campaign in whatever order you please, but will it go far enough?

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