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Assetto Corsa 2018 Android APK + ISO PSP Download For Free

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Assetto Corsa 2018 might not have the graphics of other games on this list, but what it lacks in presentation, it more than makes up for in gameplay. Simply put, Assetto Corsa delivers incredible handling detail in every car you drive, and makes you feel like you’re operating a real piece of machinery. Detailed physics and tire wear models mean you’ll feel the car squirm and slide over every bump, and every corner seems to change from lap to lap. This isn’t a game for casual racers, but for those who really want to feel like they’re taking some of the fastest cars in the world, Assetto Corsa 2018 is a must-buy title.

While Assetto Corsa 2018 is fun with a standard Xbox One or PS4 controller, it’s best played with a steering wheel and pedal set-up. That way, you’ll really get all the track surface detail through force feedback. Despite coming from a relatively small studio, Assetto Corsa 2018 has been regularly updated with free content and paid-for DLC, so it’s improving all the time. And if you’ve still not got it, an ultimate edition version comes with every DLC released so far – for less than the original RRL. Sure, it might not have as many cars or tracks as most games on this list – and the menus and multiplayer are super rough around the edges – but for pure driving enjoyment, Assetto Corsa is hard to beat.

Assetto Corsa 2018 Android APK + ISO PSP Download For Free

The game saw further content with the Ready to Race, Ferrari 70th Anniversary, and Bonus Pack 3 car packs. The latter of the three was even a free addition to the game, featuring new cars and Laguna Seca. For a game with a barebones beginning, it now features 177 cars and 19 tracks with 35 variations.With this latest hint, we’re curious to see what lies in store for Assetto Corsa — the franchise — in 2018. We’ll have more as we hear it!

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