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Blogger is Google’s free tool for making blogs. It will be found on the net at https://www.blogger.com. Previous versions of Blogger were heavily branded with the Blogger emblem, however, the newest version is versatile and unbranded therefore you’ll use it to make and promote blogs while not a budget. The main advantage to victimization Blogger is that Blogger is totally free, together with hosting and analytics. If you decide on to show ads, you share the profits.

What is a Blog?

A journal is an associate abbreviated word used for term “Weblog“, this can be a word accustomed describe totally different sort of Websites and Portals that share data on specific topics or wider classes. it always includes options like journal Posts, Videos, Comments, Links to alternative websites, Widgets, etc.

What is Blogger?

Each and each ability you wish to run and manage a journal is termed blogging. Blogging includes Skills Like computer programme optimisation, Social Media promoting, Writing, written material and business enterprise Posts, planning and Maintaining the look of your website, etc.

You need to be told each ability to be a Blogger such as you ought to be an honest author to jot down a heap of distinctive and Quality content for your website. you must be an honest computer programme Optimizer to Optimize your journal consistent with rules and rules set by Search engines.

You Need to be a Social Media vendor and Optimizer to influence your websites or blogs with social media Power that is incredibly sturdy lately. it’s true that you just will rent specialists or freelancers for every job however you may want plenty of cash for doing that, thus place confidence in yourself and learn every and each ability slowly in order that you may become an honest Blogger.

On what Topic Blogs area unit Made?

Blogs may be created on any topic within which you’re skilled. Let’s suppose you’re skilled in coffee-making you must begin an occasional journal. Or if you’re skilled in computer programme optimisation you must begin associate SEO journal wherever you may share tips for higher computer programme optimisation to assist folks to try to higher SEO of their websites or Blogs.

Blogs area unit typically created on topics like Political News and Political Topics, Sports, Web design, Blogging Tips, Technology Gadgets, etc. I’ll suggest you create a journal on a topic you’re skilled in.

Is Investment required to create a Blog?

Whenever you begin a replacement Business you wish to speculate some cash, Same case here that you just got to invest cash if you wish to start out a journal for creating cash from it, however, if you wish to start out a journal only for fun and delight you’ll make out free by victimisation WordPress.com or Blogger.com (I can justify this later).