Timro Mann Ma K Chha K Chha || 21st love || Theme Songs Lyrics

Timro Mann Ma K Chha K Chha is a theme song from 1st love Web Series. Vocal In this songs is given by Melina Rai And Subha Tamang.

Web Series : 21st love
Vocal: Almoda Rana Upreti, Subha Tamang, Melina Rai

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Timro Mann Ma K Chha K Chha || 21st love || Theme Songs Lyrics

Timro mann ma k chha k chha
Mero mann ma timi..
Timro dil ma kunni ko chha..
Mero dil ma timi .. x2

Dhadkiney tyo dil ma timro aru kohi nai po chha ki
Timi bahek aru chhaina yo dil ma chirera dekhau ki ..

Har pal har sajha dhadkiney yo dhadkan le x2
Timlai nai khoji rahanxa
Mero jiwan sathi timi nai ta hau x2
Timi nai timi ta hau ..

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